28 Jul

Follow the dog

Personally, I think the dog following aspect of the front page is its best feature. The house is not my best. And the image of the house doesn’t fit well with the colors of the background gradient, but so far, we’re proud of our experiments. Of course none of the links work, but so what. We’re up and running.

28 Jul

My hand hurts

Today, I hurt my hand. After getting off the water, I had my boat on my head; I reached up to pull some weeds off my Speedcoach propeller and yanked them off. But in doing so, I hit my hand hard against the rigger. It really hurts. Here’s a picture of my hand:
My injured hand.

27 Jul


pablo is lying on his favorite pillow.

winnie is in the laundry basket.

tember wants something to happen. Ideally, she would like to go for a swim, perhaps while chasing a ball. but she’d be ok with a good game of chase the boy, or retrieve the stick.