Back in 2004, right when the blog bandwagon was becoming a bandwagon, I created this website. Its original purpose was to keep friends and family up to date on our adventures in Ecuador and to allow ourselves a central location on the web to keep favorite sites. During our one year stay in Ecuador, we taught English in Quito. We (my wife and I) both enrolled in a volunteer program called WorldTeach, which sets volunteers up with a position, finds housing, arranges work visas and other miscellaneous paperwork, and provides an orientation upon entering the country. This site chronicled the whole experience. We updated it quite regularly because we had time. And we also had a lot to write home about. Plus, there were pictures.

Then we got home, experienced some reverse culture shock, and began trying to remain as interesting as we were when we were foreigners in a South American country. But we had less time, and fewer experiences that people really wanted to hear about. At some point, too, the “we” pretty much became “I” since my wife stopped the blog thing altogether.

And then I started making up shit.

And here we are.