11 Jan

The Thaw Final Thoughts

Well, that was only mildly interesting. A week ago, the tv meteorologist said that we wouldn’t have much snow left on the ground, but there’s still enough to cover the yard. My personal opinion is that things just got uglier. Notice how the roadside snow banks became blacker and blacker?

The texture of the snow is also a little strange; it feels like a snow cone. In our yard, that snow cone has a lot of dog poop on top. Think of them as jimmies. And of course, last night, it snowed again, so the jimmies are hidden under a new layer of white. The dog (the very same one that appeared from the thawing snow on days three and four) walks with some trepidation.

On the plus side, the gutters have thawed of those huge ice dams that had accumulated. And it’s also been much warmer inside our poorly insulated house, which occasionally feels like a walk-in cooler.