08 Jun

Yo me Llama


On our first day in Peru, we took a tour of the Sacred Valley. One of the stops was at a llama farm. Our guide explained to us that there are alpacas — shorter animal with a shorter neck; vicuñas — typically not domescticated and thus rarer, but with the best quality of fur; and various types of llamas. The llama in this photo is between jobs. He applied to a Seven-eleven, but he’s not sure if he wants to work there cuz he thinks his band might take off. They’ve been playing gigs almost every weekend. Problem is, it’s not really making a lot of money, you know what I’m sayin? So in the meantime, he’s been listening to a lot of Zeppelin, working on some new songs, and smoking a lot of dope.

We’re currently posting Peru pics to the coppermine. As long as the internet connection behaves, we should have about 35 pictures up.