03 Aug

to be or . . .

We’re struggling with the whole idea behind this blog now that we’re back. We think we’d like to keep it going, but it brings up all sorts of questions of the techno-geek-existential variety. Such as: Do we really have anything to say? Are our circumstances special enough to warrant updates on our lives? What happens when your own sister rolls her eyes at your overly sentimental, cheesey entries?

We’re now living in a world made less remarkable to our seven readers by the fact that they also live in that world (more or less). Our experiences in the coming year will not be exotic or alien to anyone. Today is an example. We kinda just floundered around all morning, and then finally wrote a to-do list that included such items as, “hook up printer,” “get new shoes,” and “call Marcos.”

As we were mid-flounder, a colleague of mine came over with the agenda of trying to convince me that going back to school wouldn’t be that bad. We had a little debate about it, and I’m pretty sure I won. It will, in fact, be “that” bad. And yes, I’m sure I’ll adjust and all that, but right now, I’m still in the stage of not wanting to adjust. Adjusting, in fact, is one of the things I’m dreading.

In other news, two roofing estimators came over and told me the roof would cost over $5000.

You know, there are a few things (though I admit very few things), where, when they break, you actually get kind of excited. “Oh, our computer isn’t working? I guess that means we’ll need to get a new G5. Darn.”

But a new roof and new fridge just aren’t exciting purchases. Neither is a box of coil nails, a dumpster rental, kitty litter, an allen wrench, or a six dollar sandwich — all of which we’ve bought recently.