01 Sep

Back in high school

So today was the first day of school for freshmen, and as part of the day’s introductory program, a large team of seniors lead the newcomers through a school tour and several icebreaking activities. I had a freshman homeroom, but because of the “senior citizens,” as they’re so cleverly called, I didn’t really do much of anything in my homeroom. The seniors did it all, and I just observed them. It was funny to see how they kind of stuttered their way through the various activities and speeches. A lot of rules to games were changed halfway through, and more than once, they found themselves in the position of being a few minutes ahead of schedule and needing to fill the empty space with some variation on BS.

At one point, they were doing the M&M icebreaker — the one where you pass around M&Ms and everyone grabs a few and then each person needs to introduce themselves and say one “interesting” thing about themselves for each M&M they have. Here was the introduction, roughly:

“Ok, so, we’re gonna pass around these M&Ms. Take as many as you want, but don’t take all of them cuz . . . well, should we tell them? No. Okay. Well, take however many you want, you know, like within reason. Yeah take like four or five . . . or, yeah. Or just one.”