30 Apr

Tire Part 2

In the meantime, I looked down on the ground and saw a piece of paper folded four times, lying at my feet. I literally had nothing better to do than to pick it up and unfold it. It turned out to be a poem, written by a girl named Jenny, called “Gum.”

Here it is:


You watch the teacher talking
But all you hear is the smacking in your ear
Like a cow chewing on grass.
He is behind you, poking you with a pencil,
Grinning from ear to ear
Like he’s just won the lottery.
The minty smell on his breath surrounds you
And the smacking just gets louder and louder
And louder.
You turn around and glare at him,
Pounding on his desk.
“Stop it! Stop annoying me!”
The classroom is silent
Except for the smacking of the gum,