02 Aug

Noises in the night.

On Monday night, Eileen and I went to bed early. We were thinking we’d get up early on Tuesday to go down to the new boathouse and that way be assured a coach would be there. So at about 9:00, Eileen was out, but naturally, I couldn’t fall asleep.

I got up, wrote a blog entry, pirated some software, and then went back to bed around 10:30. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard the cats running around, playing with some squeaky toy. I had a sudden realization, however, that they don’t own a squeaky toy, and that it was probably a mouse. So I got out of bed, stood in the doorway in the dark, and struggled with the decision about how to best walk barefoot into the mouse play-zone.

Once I got out there and turned on some lights, I saw Pablo proudly holding the mouse in his mouth. He strutted into the piano room, set it down, and growled at it. When it moved, he batted it across the room, under a little table/stand. I had to grab a stick to help the cats get the mouse out of there; then I caught it in a tuperware container, walked it three blocks away, and dropped it in a dumpster.

When I got home, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t brushed my teeth. So I pasted up the toothbrush and went to work, then wandered into the living room and tried to get the clock to stop making noise. It has this defect wherein the pendulum hits the side of the clock every time it swings, so you hear a constant tick, tick, tick. I attempted to move the clock just a hair so that the pendulum would stop hitting the side, but every time, the tick, tick, tick returned until finally, I got the clock centered perfectly, and the pendulum started hitting both sides!

I finished my tooth-brushing job and went into the kitchen to turn off the light when I heard the refrigerator kick on (see yesterday’s post)!

I finally got back into bed around 11:15, but I couldn’t sleep because of the loud tick-tocking of the defective clock.