08 Oct

I don’t have hepatitis

Well, last week I told you all about how my brief vomiting session invoked self-pity within me. I recovered, went to Banos and had a lot of fun, and then this past weekend came down with a 17-hour fever. It was a “fun” sandwich with two moldy pieces of bread. (Good grief, am I for real?)

Anyhow, on Saturday night, I was caught in this never-ending, abstract, fevered dream in four dimensions. Quito is truly a three dimensional city in that it’s not flat. When I’m lost on busses, I think “I need to get up there” or “I need to get down there” as often as I think, “I need to get over there.” In my dream, I think I extended this then-subconsciously observed detail about Quito; thus, my dream presented me with this 3D grid of all of Ecuador — really just a plain old grid that I understood to be Ecuador. The dimension of time was thrown in there somewhere too, though not really visually accounted for. And here’s how things functioned: if you wanted to meet someone, or maybe catch a bus, or do anything that involved you being in a specific place at a specific time, you did it and you were a little dot — or a sphere, rather– within one of the little cubes within the larger cubic grid. Get it? But the problem was that other people and events were other spheres in other cubes, and so you could never meet them.

The whole thing kinda turned into this existential nightmare-literally- cuz it turned out you could never actually meet anyone, or arrive at a store when it was open. People were always in some other cube, making interaction impossible and all appointments and goals futile. What was the point of even trying?

Anyhow, sorry about this; I find it pretty funny now.

Here’s a better story:

I went to the doctor on Monday and he looked me up and down and was worried that because I was jaundiced and my right side hurt more than the left, I might have hepatitis. I had to go to a lab to get my blood drawn and provide urine and fecal samples. (Eileen wrote a hilarious little journal entry while I was working on obtaining the fecal sample, but she won’t let me post it.) Anyhow, it turns out I just had parasites, and yeah, this isn’t a better story at all. But I’m happy I don’t have hepatitis.

Please send Dove Dark Chocolates and/or Chocolate Peanut Butter Clif Bars to us at:
Tim Storm
c/o WorldTeach
Casilla 17-17-1960

(I figured that I might as well put all the shamelessness into one entry.)

Ok, that’s enough.

08 Oct

Tim is healthy

I just thought I´d let you guys know that Tim is healthy again. The Doc put him on some medication to get rid of his parasites and he´s back to normal.

Yesterday was our first full day cooking ALL of our meals. We were thrilled to discover a market called Santa Clara close to our apartment and so we stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies. We had pancakes for breakfast, pita sandwhiches for lunch, and pesto pizza for dinner (Chifles, which are fried plantains for desert). Considering our past cooking failures here (I made some unbelievably bad pasta, I don´t know why the pasta here is so bad but it just isn´t the same) we were pretty happy with ourseleves.