12 Oct

comin home for christmas

We bought our tickets home for Christmas yesterday. We´ll be back from December 18th to January 1st. Tickets during the holiday season stink for prices, but we´re excited to see all of you again in a few months. Not much new here.

A few weeks ago Tim was walking down the street and saw a guy riding a motorcycle. No big deal, except that sitting in front of him with his legs hanging over the seat and arms resting casually on the handle bars was a yellow labordor. It seemed to say “this is easy. I´ve done this before.” I wish I had been there with a camera. I also wish that the motorcycle dog was owned by our landlords instead of the little yippy poodle they have. It had puppies about a month ago and they were cute and all, but nothing like Tember. And sadly two days ago our landlords sold the puppies. So Bella, the dog, cried (barked) all night for her lost babies. It was sad, but we were more sad that we couldn´t sleep. I hope she forgets soon.