19 Nov

Bits and Pieces

It’s not that I haven’t urged Eileen to write more blogs. So why hasn’t she? Good question. You should ask her yourself.

By the way, we do receive emails that go to our cell phone, but we can’t respond to them via the cell phone. Thanks to those who have sent messages. It’s nice.

I made Eileen a cake for her birthday. It’s okay, but not as good as her mom’s version of it. I also bought her the fourth season of the Simpson’s on DVD. She also opened up her gift from her parents after an impressive display of will-power (she received the gift in August, wrapped). It was a really nice watch. We’ve received all sorts of birthday messages from relatives and friends. Thanks to all who sent their best. The cell phone was ringing off the hook, um, so to speak.

I recently received a package from my sister Jamie. And here’s what I told her about the whole ordeal:

Yesterday, I went to the post office to pick up the package, which arrived officially in time for Eileen’s birthday. It was 1:15, though, so I was 45 minutes late. They’re only open from 8:30 to 12:30. On my way home, I walked by this group of police. They didn’t say anything to me, not even “don’t walk around that corner because there are 200 students with rocks and they’re throwing them at us.” So I figured that it was safe to walk around the corner. It wasn’t.

I watched the police eventually run out and fire their tear gas rifles. Pretty crazy stuff. The students all screamed and ran back to the university’s property, where they’re safe, which is even crazier. It’s like gule. (is that how you spell it?). I throw rocks at you and then run back to gule, where you can’t shoot me. Ha!

So the package wasn’t actually obtained until today. I skipped Spanish class, went to the post office, went to window one, where I presented my claim slip, got directed to window 2 to pay 90 cents, went back to window one, where I gave them one copy of my passport, and then waited on a bench for 30 minutes until my name was called, at which point I translated the list of the contents of the package, and then paid 9 dollars.

Incidentally, if anyone tries to send us something, I guess you’re supposed to declare its value as being $0 or something very low. An American girl at the post office today was pretty upset because her package had been declared at $100, so she had to pay $40.

Eileen and I had a pretty amusing conversation the other day about her poop. Warning, though: we swear, so keep away from children as you see fit.