21 Nov

Thirteen truths and six lies

o Tim and Eileen ate $20 worth of sushi for Eileen’s birthday meal.
o Tim has illegally downloaded over 200 songs since we’ve been here.
o The Snickers slogan in Ecuador is “Hambre?”
o We clean the house once a week.
o We’ve bought ten DVDs since we’ve been here.
o Ecuador’s soccer team beat Brazil this past week.
o Tim’s students tear gassed Steph’s students (Steph is another WorldTeach volunteer).
o We found a tree frog in our shower this weekend.
o There’s a Mac store opening near our gym.
o The people at the Swissotel know our names.
o Our “welcome” mat says “bienvenidos.”
o We keep a calendar on which we X off the days until our winter break.
o Tim has gone into the “Smocking Center.”
o Eileen had three cakes and a brownie in honor of her birthday.
o Tim and Eileen’s cell phone is held together with tape.
o The festivities for Quito’s December 6th Independence day have started.
o Two weeks ago, we purchased our first Christmas gift.
o Tim has refrained from purchasing any cinnamon rolls from the Cinnabon right next to our gym.
o There is a church next door that has hours-long music worship sessions every Sunday