17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I had my last day of the class cycle today and I’m officially on vacation! We celebrated St. Patty’s Day in my classes and I’ve posted some pics in the Coppermine in the “work scenes” folder. I also posted some random pics in “home scenes.”

17 Mar


I was in the gym today, riding the recumbent bike for 50 minutes while reading 30-some pages in Kavalier and Clay – a routine I’ve established to meet my book deadline for K&C. Eileen would have read 50 pages in that amount of time, but I don’t care. My reading comprehension is clearly better. Anyhow, about 10 minutes into the reading/riding I absent-mindedly fingered my nose, which had been bugging me since the end of my morning class. In fact, earlier that morning, right after class, I was trying to disguise a potential booger mishap and so was looking down, sniffing, and swiping my nose (all very casually), when Westra asked me, “Are you sick?”

“No,” I said, looking up at her, still imagining a potential monstrosity hanging from my proboscis. As soon as she looked away, I did a quick face-swipe with my sleeve.

I was not thinking about the morning’s previous nose-related incident while I was reading at the gym, but I remembered it immediately after I pulled out a little boog (and just to ensure it was less conspicuous, looked around the gym to promptly make eye contact with anyone who had seen it). I don’t think anyone saw me, but regardless, I was stuck there with a nose souvenir and 40 minutes left of my workout. Perhaps it’s a testament to my work ethic that I wouldn’t have allowed myself to stop the workout for a mere booger. Of course, the it’s-because-you’re-lazy argument is probably just as convincing. In any case, I put the damn thing in my sock and then forgot about it until just now. There. I’ve said it.

17 Mar


Okay, so the comments are working again. For the time being. Do me another favor: if you are reading this, send me a quick comment. Consider this a survery with one question: Are you reading this? Thanks.