19 Mar

What up dog!

Last night, I ended up walking all the way home from school. I usually get a start on the walk and then catch the first bus that comes by, but yesterday, I made it all the way home before a bus passed me. About halfway up the La Gasca hill, I looked down and I saw something interesting. There was a little flower growing out of the sidewalk. No, just kidding. Actually, I saw a dog, looking up at me with an expression that was hard to discern: could’ve been curiosity, could’ve been anger. I found out soon enough.

Suddenly, the dog – a golden retriever – started barking and growling and lunging at me. He was definitely not lunging to his full potential, but he was still somewhat scary. It just so happened that I was carrying my broken umbrella at the time (the state of which is another story), and I began waving it at the beast. I felt bad afterwards cuz I connected with him. That is, I clocked him in the face. He stumbled backward and just then, the voice of his owner beckoned and he scurried away.