27 Sep

Boring Weekend

Nothing invokes self-pity more so than vomiting. Diarrhea is uncomfortable, but vomiting is like getting kicked in the stomach repeatedly. It squeezes the tears out of you. Luckily, it didn’t last long. I woke up at four am yesterday and endured an off-and-on stomach ache for about three hours. That’s all. But then I was pretty tired the rest of the day. Instead of hiking up Pichincha like we were going to do, we ended up staying home all day. We watched a DVD we brought with us called “Ghost World.” It’s this quirky story about alienated people, basically. After watching it, Eileen and I talked about being losers. The conversation went like this:
Eileen: We’re losers.
Tim: I know. I was thinking the same thing. We’re essentially one loser split in two.
Eileen: Why are we such losers?
Tim: Well, would you really want to be a normal person?
Eileen: What do you mean?
Tim: I mean, if you were a normal person, you’d have to talk about stupid things like sports and what you did last night at the bar.
Eileen: I don’t know.
Tim: What don’t you know?
Eileen: I don’t know. Do you want some bread?
Tim: No. You do know. I mean, don’t you prefer meaningful conversations?
Eileen: Are you saying that normal people don’t have meaningful conversation?
Tim: No. I’m saying that I’ve observed a lot of social normalcy and that it’s boring. It involves talking about a lot of stupid crap.
Eileen: Oh.
Tim: You’re just don’t like criticizing anyone. Not even privately. Don’t you have any idea what I’m talking about?
Eileen: How about crackers?
Tim: Sure.

PS: check out new pics in coppermine.