04 May

Will, My Brother

breakfast for will

Will leaves tonight for Buenos Aires. It’s been great having him around. He’ll fly back to Quito on June 15th, and then he’ll travel some more — maybe to the beaches of Ecuador, maybe to Peru, maybe to Costa Rica. His return gives us another landmark in time that illuminates how soon we’ll be back in Wisconsin. He comes back here in mid-June; a month later, I’m heading home to move into the house and re-roof.

I’ll start petitioning everyone now: we need a big homecoming party for Eileen, so set aside August 1st or so. We’ll know the exact dates soon. Also, keep some time free after July 20th to help me move into the house. Will’s going to ask a former-roofer friend of his to help us re-roof the house before Eileen gets back. It should be a two or three day project.

The above picture, by the way, is of me giving Will breakfast in bed last week.