11 May

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Bella’s handiwork
Originally uploaded by wiscostorm.

For those who don’t know, we have to throw out toilet paper. Even in the five-star SwissHotel, you can’t flush tp down the toilets in Ecuador. So, once a week or so, we fill a plastic grocery bag with used tp. Pretty gross, eh? Yeah, well, you get used to it. What you don’t get used to is seeing it just outside your front door because a dog decided it would be a fun game to open up the bag and scatter it all over the place.

I actually woke from sleep at about 6:30 last Saturday morning. I was having a pleasant dream about a grassy park when I heard a scampering sound, which in my dream was a gremlin — honest to God. I awoke with a start and immediately went to the front door to discover Bella’s handiwork.