17 Dec


We haven´t posted in a long time. In other words, Tim hasn´t posted in a long time. I´ve been a little sick. We both figured we´d get the illnesses over with before returning home, so Eileen went ahead and got herself a cold followed by some stomach issues. Then I had her spit on my food so I would get the same. Actually, no. I only had to breathe the same air. At various points next week, I will be able to say the following:

  • Last week I was vomiting over an Ecuadorian toilet.
  • Last week I was riding shotgun in a souped up VW Golf with three Ecuadorian off-duty policemen immediately after losing a soccer game for my team (also composed entirely of police officers).
  • Last week I was having illness-induced nightmares about a woman named Cathy Ames.
  • Last week I finally admitted to myself that the fluffy stuff growing on our living room wall was mold.
  • We will be sure to write an entry or two in the next couple weeks, but we will see most of our diminishing audience while we’re home. This may be the last Ecuadorian entry for 2004. I have been having the occasional narcissisic fantasy about our return, most of which include cheering, chocolate chip cookies, and phones ringing, but I´ll have to spare you a “Tim´s Narcissistic Fantasies Part 2” entry for now. We’re looking forward to being back.

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