22 May


Okay, so I’ve been corrected. Twice. “It was Ambesol, not Anbesol,” according to my critics.

See, that’s what I thought originally. And then I looked it up cuz I wasn’t sure if it was Ambesol or Ambesil (or maybe Ambecile). I attempted the a-m-b-e-s-o-l spelling through google and I came up with 900 some hits, none of which were very obviously the mouth-sore-relieving product of my memory. But there was a prominently-placed “Did you mean: anbesol?” at the top of the search results page, so I clicked on it and found the search results for a-n-b-e-s-o-l. There were over 72,000 of them, including a link to “the answer for oral pain relief,” called Anbesol.

You gotta keep in mind, however, that these commercials were back in the 80s, well before the internet became the source of (dis)information it is now. I tend to trust my own memories when they’re confirmed by a few other people, but I tried Ambesol in wikipedia and came up dry. Anbesol, however, yielded an entry.

Still, the damn baby said “Ambesol,” I’m sure of it. I tried one more search, this time typing “ad advertisement commercial baby says ambesol anbesol.” Nothing promising came up, though google helpfully inquired, “Did you mean ad advertisement commercial baby says anbesol anbesol?”

So now I’m at a loss. Memory vs. the Internet. Who wins?

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