06 Jan

Back at it.

Just a quick story. My first day back at SECAP, I climbed the stairs to go to my office. Unfortunately, the door to room 4 was locked, and since I need to go through room 4 to get to my office, it was a very bad beginning. I asked the security gaurds if they could open it, but they said they didn’t have keys and that I’d have to wait until 8:00 to get in. I was a little miffed since my class started at 7:30. But luckily, at about 7:35, I found a custodian sweeping up the burnt new year’s refuse in the parking lot. I asked him for help.

Together, we climbed the stairs again and he tried his key on the room 4 door. It didn’t work. I started thinking of how to run class on a non-existent plan B, when he went into a closet and came out with a screwdriver. He simply wedged the door open. It was great to be back.

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