31 Jul

Back in town

I picked up Eileen last night at 6:00. Her flight was actually on time. In fact, it was almost 20 minutes early. I got there a touch late cuz once you get to the airport, the problem of where to put your car is . . . well . . . a problem. So I parked.

I went in and couldn’t find the arrivals info, so I walked upstairs to look for the screens. There is was. Flight 4073 from Chicago, twenty minutes early. So I went back down to baggage claim and found Eileen walking out of the American Airlines Baggage Closet (as it’s technically known). I said something like, “welcome home,” and she said, “you’re twenty minutes late!”

“What’s wrong,” I asked. And she explained that her baggage wasn’t there. We’d have to return four hours later to pick it up. Good ol’ American Airlines; they’re so dependably crappy.

We’ll post more “cultural readjustment”/re-entry/”reverse culture shock” stories soon. Just a note to say that we’re alive and back in Wisconsin.

One thought on “Back in town

  1. i had actually been at baggage claim for almost an hour, with no luggage and no husband. I wasn’t upset but I was starting to worry when no one was there after about 40 min. I hadn’t realized my flight was early.

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