01 Jul

Camila’s Haircut

camila pre-haircut

The landlords kept one of Bella’s pups and named her Camila. She was the only tan one of the bunch, and she kinda looks like a teddy bear. She was a furry little thing.

Most of the day, the two of them are up on the roof. Camila is very playful and Bella humors her. From the kitchen and our bedroom, you can sometimes hear the skittering of animals. It always gets me. My first thought is that there are squirrels or mice in our house, but then I remember where I am and realize it’s just the dogs on the roof.

Last Sunday, just as I was about to go to bed, I heard the two of them up there making a lot of noise, whining and prying at the gate that leads to staircase to our apartment. I went up to see what was wrong, and I discovered the following horrible transformation (see picture below). The two of them were at the gate, shaking at the sight of me, hoping I’d maybe let them out, or restore their dignity. Poor dogs.

can you believe what they did to me?

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