03 Oct


Well, after four weeks of this stuff, I’m still not liking my job. So I’ve started thinking up a list of alternative careers for myself.

Stay-at-home husband
Wedding toasts speech writer (so many of them are so bad)
Dog walker (might get old)
Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Teaching Consultant (everyone who currently tells us how to teach doesn’t teach, so what the hell)
Writer for This American Life
Director of FEMA
Ambulance driver (I can drive fast, safely)
Snarky Video Game Reviewer
Tutor for Madison’s rich and famous (I’ll charge $200 an hour to give the impression that I’m really good)
Professional Triathlete (see Ironman post)
Hero (who then gets paid to do the talk show circuit)
Imogen Heap’s Technical Groupie (we just saw her in concert; she has some fun electronic toys)
Dolphin trainer for Dolphin therapy outfit
Small business and personal web designer
Panelist on TWiT (This Week in Technology)
Storm Chaser
Motivational Speaker
Cameraman for National Geographic TV or E! Wild On
Apple Computers Product Tester
Public Radio Music Source Staff Picks Picker

One thought on “Careers

  1. I picture the storm chaser job as you running around quickly after Eileen everywhere she goes until she finally turns around and tells you to find another occupation. hahahahahahah.

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