09 Jul


So, we just got back from a Storm family vacation in the mountains of Colorado. Eileen and I didn’t take many pictures; we figured we’d just mooch off of the rest of the picture-takers in the family, most of whom are better at it than we are anyhow.

Day 2 was our day to go rafting. We began the trip by going to the wrong rafting company and then hurrying to the right one just in time. I was the runner, which meant I had to interact very quickly with multiple rafting guides. Not the brightest bunch. I think they like the idea of their jobs better than they actually like doing them.

Of course, maybe that’s all of us.

Anyhow, the guy at the right place told me to check in at the office. He said this like I had just asked him how many feet are in six feet. “Yeah, where’s the office?” I answered, not trying to disguise my disdain, and he said, “Right next door,” while pointing at a place labelled “Espresso.” Oh, duh.

Fortunately, both groups of Storms got nice guides. We divided up into the Holmen raft (pictured below), and the non-Holmen raft (pictured belower).



As you can see, I’m all business. I heard the guide say something about looking at the camera, but I guess I thought the photographer would be swimming.

Angie caught on early:
Say hi.

And then gradually, so did everyone else:
Say hi!

Except me.

And then it was too late:

Say goodbye.

But we all had a lot of fun. There were some nice rapids, but nothing too scary. Our guide said we were the best group she ever had. And we immediately called her on that: “Sure, you say that to everyone, don’t you?”

Of course, we were the best. The best she’ll ever see. And the Holmen group was probably the best their guide will see. Ever.


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