17 Mar


Okay, so the comments are working again. For the time being. Do me another favor: if you are reading this, send me a quick comment. Consider this a survery with one question: Are you reading this? Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Comments

  1. We could get up to 18 inches of snow today…the ski hill may even reopen. It’ll be a white vernal equinox. school is closed all over and it’s friday …yipee!

  2. comment
    Geez, I’m glad this comments application is working again. It must be difficult taking the time to write and not knowing if anyone out there is REALLY logging on every day to see if you have posted anything. I must admit I don’t check every day…but almost every one. Been in a bit of a fog since St. Pat’s Day which is why I have not checked until today. I could have a lot of fun with the nose drop posting but it’s actually to easy. Take care and enjoy YET ANOTHER VACATION!!!

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