28 Jul


When the rain was really coming down, I decided to go out to the front porch and watch things happen. I took a chair and propped open the door with my foot. Here’s the view:
Flash flood

While I was enjoying the street rapids, I noticed a lot of cars turning around on Highland just north of our house. From the porch, I couldn’t see what sort of foreboding obstacle lay ahead, but I figured the intersection of Highland and Old University was probably a little flooded. I decided to go take a look with my camera.

If you click on the first one, you can watch a little film of a minivan getting stuck (16 MB). The second one just shows the general water depth and the number of idiots who tried driving through it (9 MB).



After taking the pictures and videos, I took the camera home and went back to the intersection to just watch. The Sushi Box chef was outside, trying to stop water from going through the door of his building. I went over and helped him, then I got recruited for a minivan push.

Good times.

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