25 Apr


I met several students of mine at the park this past Saturday. We hung out and talked for a while; and then a Canadian woman showed up, asking my students if this is where the “forajidos” were going to meet. My students knew nothing about it, but since they’re all leftists who very stongly opposed Lucio, they were interested. It turned out that this Canadian woman was a radio journalist and she was putting together a piece for the CBC (Canada’s equivalent of BBC or NPR) about the role of a radio station in Quito called Radio La Luna and of the word “forajido” in precipitating the events of last Wednesday.

She interviewed one of my students, Ruth, who is a lawyer and thus has a lot to say. Ruth is very articulate, intelligent, and well-travelled. She also claims she can see the future. In fact, she told us that on September 8th, 2001, she called the US Embassy and told them that two planes were going to crash into the twin towers in NYC.

I know. I don’t believe her either. But otherwise, she makes a lot of sense.

Anyhow, at 3:00, the forajidos showed up. They were a group of people trying to organize some proposals for the government — true revolutionaries. The Canadian began interviewing one of them just as we were leaving. Her radio segment is due on Wednesday. If we find a link to it, we’ll post it.

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