03 Apr

Galapagos Day 5 Part 1

We were supposed to leave this morning with the kids, but we extended our trip by a day. We changed the flight to Wednesday, so we’ll fly out tomorrow morning instead. Last night, we went out with Veronica and Angeline. We ended up going to Carapacho, the bar we were supposed to meet Javier at two nights ago. Finally found it.

Eileen and I stayed out til 12:00. In exchange for some vocabulary enrichments, I danced to a merengue song with Veronica. Apparently, Will danced with Angeline once and Angie danced with Veronica just so everyone could participate. We said goodbye to the kids, the moms, the remaining Perez’s, and Veronica this morning. As I write this, it’s 10:30. Everyone else is sleeping. We’ll stay in the Hotel Fiesta again tonight. It will cost $22 per person!

asleep in hotel fiesta
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