06 Jul

I’m with gripe

In Ecuadorian Spanish, when you’ve got a cold, you say, “estoy con gripe.” When translated, it ends up being a very British-sounding proclamation: “I’m with cold.”

This week, Eileen has a really bad cold, leaving me “with cold” in the more literal sense of American English, as in “I’m with stupid.” It’s a bad week to have a cold, as she is subbing today, tomorrow, and Friday for four hours each day, doubling her work schedule.

I’m in the midst of perparing the computer for an Ecua sale. We’re gonna try to sell it down here to avoid the hassles of 1) carrying one more bag back home, and 2) selling it on ebay when we get back. We’re hoping to get about $1100 for it. Today, I meet with a prospective buyer named Lucky. He’s Bill and Andy’s roommate.

In the meantime, we’ve started advertising it via word of mouth at our gym and at Eileen’s school. The gym will also allow me to post a sign.

My brother Will has a flight out of Lima for Quito on the 16th. He’ll come back, spend a few days with us, help us clean the place, and then fly back on the 20th, same day as I do. Once home, he’ll be helping me re-roof my house!

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