30 Apr

Latin pun

Suffered a brief bout of stomach bugs on Thursday. Thursday night was ugly. I’ve now thrown up six times in Ecuador. As I was throwing up early Friday morning, I was thinking, “okay, this really isn’t so bad.” You kinda learn how to control the heaves. And you almost always feel much better after the second session.

I haven’t really had any colds down here. Certainly no sinus infections. The net quantity of sickness has been the same, really. It’s just the quality that’s different.

Other news: Will leaves for Buenos Aires next Thursday. We are astounded to realize that in three months, we’ll be home. Tim has begun having teaching-high-school nightmares.

I really wanted to make a pun of some latin phrase, substituting “vomitas” for one of the words, but I don’t know enough latin.

That’s all for now.

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