13 Nov

Mid-November Slump

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve written here. Everyday I wake with the nagging sensation that I need to update the blog. I’m not too fond of that word “blog,” but that is what I’m doing, so. . . Eileen’s been sick with a cold that I gave her. She got an ear infection of some sort, though, so it put her out for a while. She was really dizzy every time she got out of bed. She missed two and a half days of teaching. I took over a couple of her afternoon classes, so I’ve been a little too busy to write this past week. I took good care of her.

Let’s see. We found a dead scorpion in our clean laundry. Or I should I found a dead scorpion. There’s a picture in the coppermine. One morning last week, there was a little baby scorpion in our bedroom. Kinda freaky. Anyhow, we captured it and killed it and we were sure to tell our landlords. They were great. They offered to fumigate, which we will probably take them up on, but things don’t get done in a timely manner here, so . . . then earlier this week, as I was hanging the laundry, I encountered the big guy.

This whole week has been kinda blah, to tell the truth. We didn’t have much contact with people via internet; it rained a lot; Eileen was bed-ridden; and we were both dealing with the depressing fact of Bush’s re-election.

On the plus side, my classes recovered their enthusiasm after a brief post-vacation slump. Eileen’s been planning our Thanksgiving feast. We plan on cooking a turkey, but that might be a challenge. In any case, it’s giving us hope.

I posted a few new pictures of my school in the work scenes album. That’s all for now. . .

One thought on “Mid-November Slump

  1. Knowing the ruckus that used to occur if a spider was spotted in Eileen’s room, I can’t even imagine what happened when you guys found the scorpion!

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