05 Oct

New apartment

We’re officially moved in to our new place, we’ve posted pictures on the coppermine. There are pics from Banos and of the new place. Tim’s sick again, we’ll find out today if he has consumption. He probably just has some new parasite friends (all of you considering making the trip, no worries, you have to be here at least 3 weeks before the buggers get to ya). Tim started teaching on Monday; he has two classes of beginners. The police showed up at one of his classes. But don’t worry, the tourist-sector police are his students. Sorry for the cheesy joke. It was bad, I know.

2 thoughts on “New apartment

  1. Your pictures are really great! I love the apartment, quite a bit different that your host family’s house! Thank you for sharing all of the pictues from your trip to Banos. This is a really special treat for me. I feel like I am traveling with you!
    Love you!
    Aunt Pat

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