29 Jun

pie and fever

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. We spread out the excuse for celebrating over last weekends’ trip to Mindo until the actual day. I had decided I would try to make a pie here, so I emailed my wonderful pie-making friend, Robbin, and solicited the recipe. It was going to be a surprise, but I couldn’t quite hold in the excitement. So Monday Tim helped me buy strawberries, raspberries, and mora (a fruit similar to blackberry). Tuesday I finished teaching, met Tim at the Plaza de Las Americas, worked out, and headed to Supermaxi to buy disposable pie tins. I couldn’t resist buying a bouquet of flowers too… they had daisies like we had one our reception tables and flowers are too cheap NOT to buy. When I got home I put my bags down and noticed my cell phone beeping. I had 2 messages from Tim “I see you and your flowers.” “Happy Anniversary!” He had left the house for a meeting before I got home, but on his way home from lunch he had bought 2 dozen roses which were on the kitchen counter. You can never have too many flowers.

Pie making was a little scary at times (I didn’t know if the crust would work at altitude), but everything worked out in the end. Pics to come soon.

Unfortunately, Tim came home early from his night class with a raging fever, shivering and declaring that he wanted pie. Poor guy. We got him wrapped in some blankets in bed and he took some aspirin. He had “a sliver” of pie because he asked so pathetically. He is feeling better today, he still has a fever, but it’s going down. I’m subbing for his night class so he should get lots of sleep tonight.

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