31 Oct


This morning, when the alarm went off, I was dreaming about a high school class in which the students were giving presentations. One girl was making the claim that Dr. Suess’s imaginary worlds were closer to hell than heaven. The whole thing began with a heated classroom debate on the topic and it was getting pretty excited. Kids were talking over one another and laughing and just causing a general, fun chaos. Then one boy stood up and said, “well, my presentation is on the Illiad vs. the Bible.” And he began to pick up the overhead projector he had brought to class himself. But the girl who was presenting then stepped in and said that she wasn’t done and that she was going to explain that all this Dr. Suess debate was actually about living in a patriarchical society.

At this point, the alarm went off. And though I was plenty well-rested, I kept hitting snooze cuz I wanted to find out both what Dr. Suess’s imaginary worlds had to do with living in a patriarchical society and how the Illiad differed from the Bible.

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