04 Sep

still in Miami

We’re all still safe, holed up in the Fairfield Inn Mariot. The hurricane hasn’t been too strong here and we’re hoping it will hurry up and move on so we can fly out of here soon. Right now Tim and I are in a group scheduled to leave on a flight on Monday evening so hopefully that will pan out. We’re still bonding with the fellow volunteers, but we’re ready to get to Quito. take care.

4 thoughts on “still in Miami

  1. How appropriate. Your last name is “Storm” of course you have a natural attractions to storms.

    Safe Travels!
    misses and kisses

  2. Hi Tim & Eileen! We are anxiously awaiting your next entry! I hope you are able to fly out as planned! Kelsey & I were able to spend Saturday & Sunday with Maureen and Bruce we we were all thinking about you. We are praying the “Storms” are able to over power Frances and begin the next chapter in your book!!!

    We LOVE YOU!!!
    Aunt Pat

  3. comment Howdy! I just talked to Maureen getting information about camping in Nicolet next June…and she gave me your website. Fantastic! I’m only “kinda” sorry that you got held up in Miami…but, the added adventure will make exciting stories for your kids…and grandkids…LOL. Hopefully, you are now safely in Quito…and loving your new environment. I’ll look forward to reading your updates as you have time to write. PS: Tim…I loved reading your fantasies! I’m sure they’ll all come true. ~Jean Cree

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