11 Aug

The dream at summer’s end.

My brain just processed the entire summer in a single dream.

I was at my cousin Mike’s “house,” which was huge, and was housing everyone in my extended family. We went body rafting down a river. Head first. And then we got ready for the wedding: my sister Jamie was getting married to a guy named Scottie, who was the younger brother of a girl she went to high school with. When I voiced my misgivings about Jamie marrying someone while she was already married, it was calmly explained to me that she had actually divorced Rick already and would continue living with Rick and the kids, but she would be married to Scottie.

The guy that was going to be officiating the ceremony wasn’t alright with this, so they asked me to do it. I said okay.

How is this representative of the whole summer, you ask?

The summer began with my officiating my brother’s wedding. Scottie is the older brother of one of my brother’s high school friends who was at the wedding. My cousin Mike was at the wedding and provided a steady source of laughter. Later in the summer, I was in Colorado with the family, body rafting down a river. In Portland, a good friend of mine informed me of an unconventional family situation, in which he and a friend (not his wife or girlfriend) were thinking about raising a kid together. In Idaho, my friend Ben told me about a crazy, dysfunctional wedding he attened this past year.

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