17 Jun

Things we won’t have to do two months from now

Many of my entries in the past few months have been mostly about the negatives of American culture. At least, that’s been the ongoing thesis running through my brain, if not necessarily through my writing. Well, I’m practically a month from leaving, so I’ve been anticipating the return more and more (another prominent motif recently). So just to keep things balanced, I’ve developed this list of 10 things we won’t have to do once we’re back in Madison.

1) Wash vegetables and fruits with a special antibacterial liquid.
2) Hail busses and taxis to get around town
3) Wonder if all the doors at school will be able to be opened.
4) Work out in a gym
5) Always make sure we have bus fare in our pockets.
6) Pay for copies for school.
7) Spray Raid under our mattress.
8) Avoid certain restaurants and foods for fear of getting parasites.
9) Breath large quantities of bus exhaust.
10) Try not to itch our flea/bed bug bites.

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