21 Nov

Thirteen truths and six lies

o Tim and Eileen ate $20 worth of sushi for Eileen’s birthday meal.
o Tim has illegally downloaded over 200 songs since we’ve been here.
o The Snickers slogan in Ecuador is “Hambre?”
o We clean the house once a week.
o We’ve bought ten DVDs since we’ve been here.
o Ecuador’s soccer team beat Brazil this past week.
o Tim’s students tear gassed Steph’s students (Steph is another WorldTeach volunteer).
o We found a tree frog in our shower this weekend.
o There’s a Mac store opening near our gym.
o The people at the Swissotel know our names.
o Our “welcome” mat says “bienvenidos.”
o We keep a calendar on which we X off the days until our winter break.
o Tim has gone into the “Smocking Center.”
o Eileen had three cakes and a brownie in honor of her birthday.
o Tim and Eileen’s cell phone is held together with tape.
o The festivities for Quito’s December 6th Independence day have started.
o Two weeks ago, we purchased our first Christmas gift.
o Tim has refrained from purchasing any cinnamon rolls from the Cinnabon right next to our gym.
o There is a church next door that has hours-long music worship sessions every Sunday

4 thoughts on “Thirteen truths and six lies

  1. comment
    I have to apologize but I have been obsessing over Eileen’s poop. I know it is strange and more than a little weird, but I just can’t understand how a pill, designed, manufactured and tested for time release, could make it all the way through Eileen’s digestive system in tack. Eileen being an athlete and all may have conditioned her body to the point where she could be a world champion pill pooper.
    And then there was the delivery. What are the odds that the pill would end on top of the pile? It’s too great to compute. Nope it had to be skill, the icing on the cake so to speak. I’ll bet if it had been a log, it would have been dead center and right on top. In competition, just like diving or gymnastics, they’d have to give that kind of a move a very special name and a commentator reporting the competition for millions of viewers would probably call it like this:
    “Eileen has only been on the stool for five minutes and…Yes! she is reaching for the roll signally a successful drop. With that level of speed it has to be a skill passed down from her mother, we understand her father can take half a day to reach this point in the action.
    The judges are rushing in as Eileen takes a quick peek and throws her hands up in the air in a victorious pumping action. The judges peering over the edge of the bowl seem to agree. Can we get a close up of the dump? Oh, goodness she not only passed the pill INTACT she’s executed a perfect BUMP ON A LOG! The judges will have to score this one very high! Now from our remote reverse action we can show you a slow motion of the actual drop.”
    Ups, gotta go! bill

  2. I goofed! I counted the statements wrong. I meant to say lies are: 7, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17.

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