19 Dec

Why I’m Actually Disappointed in Today’s Snow Day

Last year’s winter was impressive. We had total snowfall amounts that exceeded 100 inches, which was a record for the Madison area. We also had three snow days, which may have been a record for Madison’s School District, notorious for not shutting down. But the result of all that fun was that we had to add nine minutes to every school day from March or April onward, since the rule is that snow days #1 and #2 are freebies, but any number above that needs to be made up.

This year’s winter is already on track to top last year’s, and with today’s snow day, the second of the season, we’re headed toward that third one, which will mean longer days. A fourth and fifth snow day would probably lengthen the school year.

Today would have been an easy day. Nothing much happens on the final day before winter break, and it’s not like we really needed relief since we’re on the eve of a two-week hiatus anyhow. Plus, given a choice between working today or working an extra day in June, it’s a no-brainer. Students today would have been light-hearted and happy. Students in June will be obnoxious. And in June, they won’t wear enough clothes or enough deodorant.

Not that I’m really complaining. But imagine if you were only allowed 10 pieces of candy throughout the course of a year. In mid-October, you might deny the offer, what with Halloween right around the corner.

Sure, you’d eat those sticks of licorice or gummi bears or chocolate raisins, but as you’d do so, a solitary tear would stream down your cheek.

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