08 Jul

Plans and news.

Well, it’s been two weeks now with the new Preeti Imports. My students have been organizing a “despedida” (going-away party) for me to take place next Friday. They’ve been having these unproductive, clandestine meetings after class because for a while they really didn’t want to invite the new students. At first they were talking about going to some resort that has hot tubs and swimming pools and volleyball courts and all. But it was too expensive. They looked into another resort, but that’s a no-go for some reason. Then they started talking about going to Papallacta which is a hot springs resort town in the mountains. Supposedly really beautiful. Some of my students say it’s 3 hours away. Others say it’s an hour and a half. Yesterday, they were throwing around ideas of places to go in Quito; maybe the teleferico (the new sk-lift-like thing they just constructed); maybe the Parque Metropolitano; maybe Mindo. In yesterday’s post-class meeting, I said, “just invite everybody, otherwise I’m gonna have to offer a make-up class for the students we don’t invite, and it’s not fair to exclude people.”

Most of the class has seen that the so-called “really bad” Preeti Imports are not at all bad. And most people agreed with me. Today, at the end of class, one of the students made an announcement, but no decision was made. I’ll do whatever, but I’d prefer some place closer, I think, simply because it will inconvenience people less and more people could come. What a drama. We’ve been discussing this off and on for about three or four weeks. Planning things in Ecuador is difficult.

What else?

Eileen’s feeling much better.

We sold the computer to Lucky.

I’m giving a huge test on Wednesday; I’ll be writing it this weekend.

I’m also frantically writing another short story which I started last fall and recently got re-inspired to finish before I leave.

Seeing as how we’ll be losing the computer soon, there won’t be many more photos posted until late July or August. We’re still taking photos, though.

By the way, Eileen gets back on the 30th of July. Set aside the 31st for a welcome-home party. When and where? No idea. But on Sunday the 31st.