26 Jul


Been getting the house arranged, roof planned, whatnot. The roofing starts tomorrow; today I need to go to Home Depot or an equivalent and order the materials. So far, I’ve been pretty successful avoiding stores and/or general interaction with strangers. My first time in the grocery store, I almost started whimpering. I can’t really explain why.

I’m also suffering from sticker shock. On Saturday, I was gonna work in the house until about 2:00 and then go to the sushi box for lunch. I walked down there, got into the restaurant, looked at the menu, and walked right out. A chicken teriyaki lunch (which doesn’t really even fill you up) costs $7.95!

Emily (Eileen’s taller bridesmaid) came back from Chile on Sunday. Yesterday, she called to say hi, and then came over to help out with the house a little. I ate dinner at the Whitesel’s last night. It was really comforting to talk with a friend who was experiencing the same sort of reverse culture shock.

Tember’s back at the house, helping out, but she’s bored. She’s suffering a little reverse culture shock herself.