11 Jul

A Few More Stories

Natalia, one of my morning students, told about how one morning she was at home, in her bedroom putting on her socks when she heard the door open behind her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a young woman wearing a beige skirt and a white sweater. It looked like a school uniform. Natalia assumed it was her niece and said, �entra, no mas� (come on in), but the girl simply left the room. Natalia looked up finally and called after her niece. There was no answer. She had thought it a little odd, because her niece doesn�t like to wear skirts; when she followed after her opening the door the girl had just gone through, she couldn�t find her anywhere. She finally went downstairs and asked about her niece and they told her she had left an hour ago. They say that when a person dies, they wander around lost for a while until they realize what has happened.

Juan Carlos tells great stories. It is truly our biggest regret of the year that we didn�t spend more time with the Ordo�ez family because they are really a lot of fun to be around. Anyhow, one night not too long ago, when Juan Carlos and Francia (his wife and the Ordo�ez�s youngest daughter) were in bed, he looked out the window and thought he saw a pair of legs. He woke up Francia and told her someone was outside climbing onto the roof. They whispered and crawled over to the phone. They looked again. Sure enough, there were a pair of legs still silhouetted against the curtains. They whispered some more and decided to turn on the light and then call the police. They flipped the switch, opened up the curtains and discovered a pair of pants hanging on the clothesline on the roof of their neighbor.

A few years back, Juan Carlos was on the trole when he ran into an old friend/acquaintance. They talked for a while about what they were doing now, and then they somehow got around to asking each other how they know one another. �Wait, wait, I know, the other guy would say, you studied at Central University.� �No,� Juan Carlos would answer. �Oh, I know, you took a design graphics class at EDG.� �No.� They went back and forth like this five times, completely unable to recall how they knew each other and then finally said to one another, �Well, it was nice to meet you again. Hope things go well for you.� And they said their goodbyes.

And one more from Ana. Years ago, she used to work in a bank. Several of her colleagues were going to take a trip to the beach and invited her, but she declined because she didn�t have enough money. The day they left, she came back to her house and discovered that in her bedroom, her nightstand had been knocked over. She had a little model car on the nightstand and it too had been overturned and was lying on the floor. The next morning, she learned that her friends from the bank had gotten in a car accident and all five or six of them were killed.