15 Jul

no more laptop

We just handed over the laptop to Lucky. He was a very proud new owner and he promised he’d give it a good home. So from now on all our Ecua computer activites will happen in a internet cafe. Tim however, only has a few days left here anyway.

This weekend we are going to clean the apartment throughly and pack up everything (I don’t think Tim trusts my packing skills). So I’m gonna live out of the suitcases for a week or so. It’s finally starting to sink in that we are actually leaving soon. Tim�s classes had farewell parties yesterday and today – it�s strange to be saying goodbye. This Saturday we are planning on having some friends over for a little parillada (BBQ) and it�s weird to think it will probably be the last social event at our apartment.

However, we are of course excited to see everyone back home. And in cat news, we�ve had news that Winnie has apparently decided to forgive Pablo. At least for now.