15 Apr


I’m experimenting with writing a longer piece right now, so I’m not sure if I’ll have anything up for a while. In the meantime, I’ll fill some space with explanations of a few dreams I’ve had.

This past week, I had one where it suddenly came to my attention that I had two new dogs. We’d had them for a month, actually. But I didn’t know anything about it. One of the dogs was named Quiet, because it was very quiet and tended to stay out of the way. The other dog was named Sharon.

I was walking around the house practicing a Chinese phrase I learned recently, “Ni hui jiang zhong wen ma?” which means “Do you speak Chinese?” (I’ve been doing this in real life, which is why I was doing it in my dream. I haven’t yet learned how to say “no.”)

Anyhow, we were babysitting two Japanese kids, and when they heard me say, “Ni hui jiang zhong wen ma?” they got really excited because, they claimed, “zhong wen” means “Japenese.” (Not really.)

That was it. The dream ended.

An amusing dream, but not one worthy of the Hall of Fame, which I’ve decided to start compiling. When my Creative Writing Class is a little slow, or when I’m passing out a story or something, I often tell them my dreams. I typically have one that I remember every night. But they seldom stack up to the Cahoots dream, or the “Seduce Me” one, or the Phil Donahue one, or the God-Loves-A-Good-Argument one.

More to come.

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