21 Jun



Ivan has been in my class since last October. He was one of the original “civilians,” the four non-police in my morning class. He’s an architect; recently, he has missed a lot of class because of his job. In fact, he missed over half of the last cycle. He’s pretty advanced in his English. His sister, Ana Maria, is also in the class; the two of them usually arrive late together.

Ivan makes the occasional great joke and laughs at himself. He is really gung-ho. Today, I was explaining the big-ass test that will be coming up on the 13th of July; Ivan said, “excellent. I love it!”

He is a very sincere guy. At the end of class, at the end of our post-class conversations, he has a habit of saying to me, “okay, man” and offering his hand, and then saying “see you,” or “nos vemos, no?” In fact, now that I think about it, he also has a habit of saying “chao, no?” Which I’ve kinda picked up.

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