28 Aug

Plumber Dude

This past week, the plumber dude came over to fix our leaking shower. We call him plumber dude because he says “dude” a lot, which adds to his entertaining nature. And he’s the coolest plumber I’ve ever dealt with (he’s also the third, so. . .). In any case, it was one of the most pleasant interactions I’ve ever had with a home improvement house call. Lots of times, those guys kinda scold you when they come across some amateur work. You know, something like, “You put in this dry wall?” You answer meekly, “yeah?” And then they berate you on how the taping job is messy and you didn’t go all the way down to the floor did you? And you start lying.

I accompanied plumber dude into the workspace, pointing out the various problems and mentally taking notes on his work. At one point, when he was working on the showerhead, he said to me, “who put this teflon tape here?” I thought about blaming my brother, but I told the truth and said, “I did.” I readied myself for a little lecture on how the teflon tape was the cause of the whole problem, but instead, plumber dude said, “teflon tape rocks!” and went on working.

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