30 Aug

The Dresslers

This past weekend, Eileen and I went to a wedding down in Kenosha. Kris Dressler married Leslie Rattan. Kris goes by the name “Dress” to the extent that the guy who married them said something like, “Dress, do you take Leslie to be. . . ” On the way home from the wedding, Eileen and I were discussing how Leslie’s new name, Leslie Dressler, sounds a little strange not just because of its slant rhyme, but because “Dressler” is essentially the first name of the man she married.

“Leslie and Dressler sounds okay, but Leslie Dressler sounds really strange,” Eileen observed. “It would be like if my name had become Eileen Tim. Now, Leslie Kristofer sounds alright. . .”

Sounds good to me, too.

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