21 Jul

and then there was one

Tim and Will both headed out yesterday morning. I got a call from Tim this morning at about 6am saying that he got home safe. But flights were apparently a headache and he literally just got home. He couldn�t get from Chicago to Milwaukee last night because his flight from Miami to Chicago was delayed. So I think he said one of Will�s friends drove him home. So anyway now it�s just me holding down the fort in Ecuador. I leave next week Saturday and I really don�t have that many classes left. I have to teach Friday and then Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday of next week we just have exams. So I imagine it will be going fast.

All of you in WI should give Tim a big welcome home hug!

One thought on “and then there was one

  1. A BIG hug he will get!!! Just talked to him and getting back to Wis. didn’t sound like much fun at all. Can’t tell you how great it will be to have you both on Highland Ave. again. You guys have been missed.

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