29 Jun


Well, I guess that Timmas is officially over now. I made a pretty good haul: wetsuit, pillows, pie, strawberry jam, a book, just to name a few things. Unfortunately, last week at the writing retreat, I discovered that I’m gonna need a laptop, probably a MacBook. Why? Well, all these other writers there had smooth, shiny Mac laptops, which enabled them to write anywhere, even in coffee shops! Additionally, the laptop would enable me to write in more comfortable locations than the rickety chair we have planted in front of our computer right now. Indeed, since our setup is not all that ergonomic, I find it tiring to sit and type for more than an hour or so. With a laptop, I could write while sitting on the couch. Or even on the . . . no, I’m not gonna go there. Nevermind.

Last night was our anniversary, and to celebrate, we bought a laptop! Just kidding. We went out to dinner at Wasabi, which is probably the best sushi restaurant in town. We reminisced about the sushi at the Swisshotel in Quito; Wasabi doesn’t quite live up to the Swisshotel. But it was good. We ate all we could eat; then on the way home, we talked about how we should get one of those gel wrist rest things for the keyboard and maybe one for the mouse, too. It got us so excited, we went to Office Depot and got ourselves a couple anniversary gifts – three if you include the ream of printer paper.

You know, we’re well aware that we’re both losers. I think that’s part of why we married each other. The rest of why we got married is a mystery. It wasn’t easy to fall in love with each other. In fact, it was quite the opposite: awkward, difficult, emotionally draining, scary. I don’t think either one of us would like to relive the first year or two of our courtship.

But you don’t decide who you fall for. It just happens. And despite all your best efforts to avoid turning into a sentimental sap who smiles at old couples, families in minivans, and romantic comedies, one day you’re flipping through the tv channels and you come across an episode of Friends and Ross is saying to Rachel that he can’t live without her and instead of rolling your eyes like you normally do and changing the channel, you sit there and watch it. And you realize something is happening to you. There will be plenty of opportunities to roll your eyes at Ross and Rachel; there won’t be plenty of opportunities to fall in love with a true soulmate.

So you swallow your pride. Cuz the decision is obvious.

Timmas was nice. And a MacBook would be great. But once a year, it’s good to remember that you’ve got all you need.

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