27 Sep

Boring Weekend

Nothing invokes self-pity more so than vomiting. Diarrhea is uncomfortable, but vomiting is like getting kicked in the stomach repeatedly. It squeezes the tears out of you. Luckily, it didn’t last long. I woke up at four am yesterday and endured an off-and-on stomach ache for about three hours. That’s all. But then I was pretty tired the rest of the day. Instead of hiking up Pichincha like we were going to do, we ended up staying home all day. We watched a DVD we brought with us called “Ghost World.” It’s this quirky story about alienated people, basically. After watching it, Eileen and I talked about being losers. The conversation went like this:
Eileen: We’re losers.
Tim: I know. I was thinking the same thing. We’re essentially one loser split in two.
Eileen: Why are we such losers?
Tim: Well, would you really want to be a normal person?
Eileen: What do you mean?
Tim: I mean, if you were a normal person, you’d have to talk about stupid things like sports and what you did last night at the bar.
Eileen: I don’t know.
Tim: What don’t you know?
Eileen: I don’t know. Do you want some bread?
Tim: No. You do know. I mean, don’t you prefer meaningful conversations?
Eileen: Are you saying that normal people don’t have meaningful conversation?
Tim: No. I’m saying that I’ve observed a lot of social normalcy and that it’s boring. It involves talking about a lot of stupid crap.
Eileen: Oh.
Tim: You’re just don’t like criticizing anyone. Not even privately. Don’t you have any idea what I’m talking about?
Eileen: How about crackers?
Tim: Sure.

PS: check out new pics in coppermine.

3 thoughts on “Boring Weekend

  1. You two are normal even though I don’t think you like to admit it. I’ve heard many conversations about rowing. That is a sport, isn’t it?
    Tim, I’m sorry you were sick. Did Eileen show as much sympathy as you did when she got her wisdom teeth pulled?
    The pics are great! Eileen, I think the pig roasts at Silver Lake prepared you for cuy. I noticed you had quite a plate full, Tim.
    Love you guys, (normal or not).
    Jaime, I miss Tember!! How is she doing?

  2. I agree Thadius. After a bacon double cheese at jack-in-the crap in San Diego 2 years ago. I vomited from 4am till 6pm and felt pretty tired and very sorry for myself. Yor pictures are awesome and I hope you both are doing well. I hope this wasn’t too normal a post for you.

  3. So I’m not sure if the mention of vomit and diarrhea in the same sentence is actually a good way to get visitors from the states especially one’s named Jamie and her family. I hope all is well now and tummys are back to eating guinea pigs or whatever it is you were eating. Oh and Eileen, did I ever tell you about the time Tim came to my house and got sick with something or other and moaned and sweated all over my new couch? He’s not the best sicko.

    Tember is doing very well. She has become part of our clan quickly…she knows that she gets cookies before we leave, knows where the balls are kept, and expects her peice of cheese when shimay gets her pill at night. I am worried about how much we will miss her when T and E come home. I will tell her that Grandma ( like that?) R says hi.


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